Today’s Words of Wisdom

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I think at times we are so caught up in images and the petty drama of everyday life that we forget to humanize the people around us – yes even our enemies. We all have problems, we all have good days and bad days, and I think that we all (even me) need to remember that. Let’s be honest – its so much easier to talk badly about someone, to find their faults. That’s why this message is so important – because it reminds us to do the difficult – to look for the good in others, to be kinder, even when we don’t want to or the person might not deserve it. Human dignity – such a powerful thing.

So as you go about your day today, just remember: you are gold, and so is the person next to you on the train, passing you on the sidewalk, or in line at the coffee shop. Be kind, Be golden friends!


Today’s Words of Wisdom


So I recently just stumbled upon this on my Tumblr dashboard and I know I know Tumblr is the alternative underground, but something about this struck me. There is something so simple yet so loaded about the commentary. It really made me think about whether or not if I am easily figured out by others or if I come off as closed or standoffish, an enigma if you will. I feel like being a writer at times makes you closed off from the world, just in the way that we need to observe it to find some sort of inspiration. I hope I don’t close myself off, because even though I enjoy observing my surroundings, I too find inspiration in conversations and passing words with others. I mean it might have worked for Fitzgerald, but always for me.

So my readers I want to leave you with this – although it can be fun to be an enigma, it can be lonely at times. Know that it is okay to wear your heart on your sleeve, so long as you are willing to protect it.

Today’s Words of Wisdom


I think this quote is especially important for this holiday season. When you constantly live your life in a chaotic storm of work, school, social responsibilities and other obligations, you tend to forget to step back and be grateful for all of the things that are closest to you, the things that humble you and of course the things that make you who you are. We need this time to decompress after a busy semester or work week and remind ourselves not to be so consumed with things that are trivial and aren’t going to matter down the road, but concern ourselves with things that will always be important to us – family, faith and home – wherever that might be.