Surviving the Classroom and Other Concerns


I have been in classrooms for as long as I could remember. My mom was a middle school English teacher, so naturally some of my earliest memories were sitting at her desk and “grading” papers, writing “lessons” on her chalkboard to an empty classroom, but in my mind was full of prospective learners. I have always found comfort in a classroom, as if it were a second home to me. It just felt natural.

Flash Forward to the present. I am standing knees deep in 2-6 year old children, running around the classroom – crying, fighting and shouting for my attention. What I have learned since observing at the Learning Center is that being in a small classroom is like going to combat – you need to be ready for anything, because you can be flanked from the side, behind and occasionally have an aerial attack (that’s right – they may be small but these children love to jump on top of you). That was when I made my first executive decision as an educator – I’m officially teaching high school.

Besides becoming a High School English Teacher, that is the only decision I am sure of. Working in the classroom, and observing these teachers (whose credentials are suspect at best) brings up many concerns for me and what I how I will be as an educator:

  1. Can I do this?
  2. What if they don’t like me?
  3. What if I forever screw my students up?
  4. What if I am not good enough?

I know, these children are small – I want to teach high school but the same concerns still apply.

And just when I least expected it – I got some answers (well some alleviated stress) for my concerns. I went to visit my high school, maybe to convince myself out of the one decision I made or maybe to get a better sense of what I am getting myself into, and stumbled upon my English teacher Mrs. Wild who is part of the reason I decided to go on this Journey. After speaking with her, I realized why I wanted to go into teaching in the first place – because I wanted to inspire students the way she inspired me.

Receiving this Facebook Message from her truly solidified that:

You’ll never understand how much I needed to see you today. Thanks for being one of those students who makes ME keep going! I’m so very proud of you, and happy that you are heading in the direction of education. You’ll be that one to make a difference in the lives of your students! Much love and many thanks!

This reader, is why I want to teach. To make a difference, to inspire creativity and thinking, and to help students realize something about themselves they may not know before.

I may not have all of the answers now (hey I’m still a student myself!) but I at least have the determination and concrete belief in what I want to do for the rest of my life.

So Thanks Mrs. Wild, for once again helping me realize something about myself and for giving me a little bit of sense on how to begin to survive a classroom.


Meant to Be?


Reading Jenny Han’s To all the Boys I have I’ve Ever Loved, I’ve enjoyed seeing the bonds of sisterhood grow and face different challenges, like distance, family responsibilities, personal struggles and love and relationships.

However, this isn’t the problem I’m having with this “fun” read. It’s the fact that it plays into the same cookie cutter storyline that most of these modern “teen” novels do – “He’s not supposed to be with me, he’s supposed to be with her, they’re meant to be.” this idea of people being together by the almighty forces of “destiny” and love is tired and quite honestly ridiculous.

Because let me tell you something – statistically speaking, 1 out of 10 high school relationships last and most of those relationships end within the last the end of graduation through first semester of college. If you are one of the lucky few who are still with your prom queen or homecoming king congratulations! You’re a minority. The rest of us aren’t as statistically gifted as you.

This is what truly upsets me though – authors like Han who buy into the “dream” or ideal romantic situation/relationship bull crap that every girl has been force fed ever since her mom read her a bed time story that ended with “they lived happily ever after”. Life isn’t like movies or fairytales and sometimes not even like Shakespeare (although I wouldn’t mind being Juliet to DiCaprio’s Romeo).

Love in real life isn’t destined or at first glance as so many of us are lead to believe. Hate to be the one to break it to you, but that awkward guy from your psych 101 class – you know the one who you find absolutely annoying –  that’s probably the guy you will end up with.

That’s my point. Love is unexpected. It’s something that is give and take; something that struggles and yet can give you the greatest exhilaration.

A real adult loving relationship takes actual work and time to grow – not dismissing that one guy who you went on like two dates with then chase in the rain while pledging undying love to him, as Jenny Han describes in her book. And I’m not saying your first love doesn’t matter – because it does – but that’s just it. It’s your first love, not your last. And if you keep ruminating on it like Han does, then you might close yourself off to potentially meeting your one true life.

The whole point is nothing is definite. Nothing is meant to be. So stop worrying about it. Love will find a way if you let it, not force it.

A Preppy Girl’s Gift Guide to the Perfect Holiday Surprise

So, Christmas aka one of the greatest days to be alive is approaching fast and with the faint jingle of the Saint Nick’s sleight bells in the distance, comes the anxiety of last minute Christmas Shopping – and by Christmas Shopping I’m not talking about the kind of shopping with the cute little list and ugly sweater clad shopper that looks like they just stepped out of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Oh no, dear readers, I’m talking about the kind of Christmas Shopping that looks like the scene from a Barney’s Warehouse Sale – pushing, pulling and taking out the girl going for the last size 9 Tory Burch Booties. While the mall might look like a war zone, there is no need to fret – because dear readers, I have the perfect gift guide that will help you navigate not only the last minute gift anxiety, but the girl you’re gifting for. 

The Sparkler

If this Girl is anything like me, she will be attracted to the first thing that shines. Luckily, the sparkle trend has been quite present this season especially with designers like Kate Spade and many others.

  1. Kate Spade Cami Glitter Crossbody 

($148 – on Sale $110)


Okay, this cross body is not only COVERED in glitter (I think even Liberace would be jealous) but it is so sweet and girly in a way that only Kate Spade can pull off. It’s soft, light gold almost metallic lining is so delicate, you can even see the signature KS quotes shadowed in the fabric. Not only that, but the cross body is roomy yet delicate which makes it perfect for holiday parties, but is made with quality material and the glitter exterior has a vinyl shell to keep the sparkle on the wallet and not all over you. Plus with the current sale going on at retailer’s like Lord and Taylor, it won’t break your bank. 


The Cami Crossbody is from Kate Spade’s Glitter Bug Collection and is currently sold in Gold/Sliver Shimmer and Rose Shimmer (shown above).

        2. Kate Spade Darla Glitter Wallet

($78 – On Sale $39)


The Kate Spade Darla Wallet is an absolute MUST for any Collegiette (I myself have one in Neon Pink and am absolutely obsessed with it). Not only does it have four pockets on the inside of the wallet (all lined with the fabric featured in the Cami Crossbody) but includes a slot for coins as well as an ID window and a hidden pocket behind it – and a key chain ring, perfect for hooking it onto your lanyard. With the added perk of it being doused in glitter, who wouldn’t love this? 

The Darla Wallet from Kate Spade’s Glitter Bug Collection and is currently sold in Red/Multi Shimmer (Shown Above) Gold/Sliver Shimmer and Rose Shimmer.

3. Francesca’s Boutique Sparkle Everywhere Glass Tray



This Jewelry Tray is perfect for holding all of the Sparkler’s shiny objects. It is not only made out of quality glass, but adds the perfect element to any room. 

4. Francesca’s Boutique If It Sparkles Cosmetic Tote



This Cosmetic Case will send any glitter addict into a frenzy with it’s gorgeous gold sparkle and chic polka dot lining, it will be perfect to hold makeup, notes, pencils and of course, your glitter collection.


5. Ann Taylor Sequin Stripe Sweater

($89.50 -On Sale $44.75)


Ann Taylor went all out with the sparkle theme this season, and one of my favorite pieces from their collection is the Sequin Stripe Sweater. Not only does it come in both regular and petite sizes (it flatters all body shapes especially with its long length and boatneck neckline) but it is incredibly soft and can be worn down with a great pair of jeans, to work with a blazer and to the holiday party with a flowy tulle skirt and pumps to boot. 

The Sequin Stripe Sweater is from the Ann Taylor Holiday Collection and comes in Navy Blue (Shown above) and Faded Coral. Regular and Petite sizes available.


The Bookworm

This Girl has got it all going on – chic, sophisticated, and always has her nose in a book. Instead of getting this brain a generic Barnes and Noble Gift Card, one of these gifts will surely get her smiling (and a bit surprised!)

  1. Kate Spade Wit and Wisdom Mug – Shown in One Smart Cookie



This mug says it all – this girl is one smart cookie! Featured in this really chic cerulean blue color, its sleek and sophisticated design will be perfect for the bookworm to be sipping her tea out of, or even to display her pencils in. 


The One Smart Cookie Mug is from Kate Spade’s Wit and Wisdom Home Collection and is exclusively found at Macy’s. It is available with quotes: Partner in Crime, Sweet Talker, One in a Million, The Bees Knees, Life of the Party, One Smart Cookie (Shown Above), Wise Guy, Best Friend Ever and Lady of the Hour.


2. Kate Spade Dot your i’s and Cross your t’s Pencil Pouch Set



This pencil pouch will make all other Collegiettes envious with its adorably retro paper motif and beautiful rose gold zipper. Not only is the pouch roomy, but it also comes stocked with supplies, including 2 black and white stripped pencils, one clear acrylic and gold accented ruler with Kate Spade New York inscribed on it, one gold sharpener and one cream eraser with the phrase To Err is Human written on it in black cursive. The perfect gift to inspire the Bookworm’s creativity.


The Dot you i’s and Cross your t’s Pencil Pouch is from the Kate Spade Stationary Collection and can be found in other styles including Literary Glasses and Gold Dots. 

3. Girl Talk Pen Set



Since you are going to need something to fill that pencil pouch with, I suggest the Girl Talk pen set! Not only does it scream girl power, but it comes in fun patterns and ad-libs (and it sparkles!) and are extremely easy and comfortable to write with (I have the sweet talk assortment of these pens and they are by far my favorite pens to use). Perfect for anyone who wants a new fun pen to try.

4.  Kate Spade You Can Never Be Overdressed Journal 




This Journal is the perfect edition to any bookworm’s collection. It is the perfect size to throw into any purse (just incase inspiration strikes) but is also made out of premium dyed linen. With the phrase You can never be overdressed or overeducated inscribed on the front in gold lettering, its just the right motto for any smart and fashionable collegiette to get cracking on her workload, or simply reflect and take a load off. 


The New Year’s Resoluter

This Girl is ready to take on the challenge of the new year, and embrace everything to come in the year ahead. Whether it be completing some old resolutions or taking on some new ones, this girl is going to get it done.

  1. Sugar Paper 2016 Planner



One of the perfect gifts to give a New Year’s Resoluter is a planner to keep her on track to accomplishing her goals. What cuter one to use but the Sugar Paper 2016 Planner? This chic and preppy planner is large enough to write in all of your important dates and appointments, but also has a monthly and weekly calendar with tabs to keep you organized and on track to reaching your goals. It also has a cute gold metallic polka dot pattern on the cover and is bounded by gold metal wiring – stylish enough to keep you motivated!


This Monthly 2016 planner is from the Sugar Paper Stationary collection exclusive to Target. It also comes in a variety of patterns, textures and colors which are all found at either or your local Target Store.

2. Society6 Positive Vibes Only Wall Tapestry



The necessity for making your dorm, reading area or bedroom a zen zone. It is the ideal montra for the new year – bringing in the new and keeping away the old!

3. Anthropologie ChickLit Candle – Shown in The OverThinker



Besides the Tapestry, every zen zone needs some candles to help set the vibe but also make it smell nice. I find that the ChickLit Candles from Anthropologie are perfect for this. They smell incredible, have an 80 hour burn time, but also add some cheeky humor to any space with their fun names and little anecdotes. The Over Thinker Candle is perfect for the New Year Resoluter because it can serve as a reminder to never over think again and to just go after whatever it is she desires. 


The ChickLit Candles can be found on and at your local Anthropologie store. They come in flavors such as:

The Heart Filler: hyacinth is grounded by rich patchouli and precious woods, and complemented by lavender, lily and aromatic eucalyptus; The Girls’ Girl: cassis, citrus peel and fir are mixed with hints of juniper berry, fir and a dusting of cinnamon; The Dog Champion: cedar, fir, juniper berry and eucalyptus notes evoke the sensory pleasures of outdoor hikes with man’s best friend; The Overthinker (Shown Above) a deep, complex, musky base of opoponax, vanilla and patchouli is leavened by notes of violet, jasmine and rose; and The Wedding Boss: a whisper of magnolia adds balance to a blend of vanilla and grapefruit, while sharp citrus lifts the aroma.

4. You Are a Bad Ass By Jen Sincero



A great read to get the Resoluter motivated and as well as serving a reminder that she is an awesome bad ass. This book also includes great tips on how to improve and keep a positive outgoing lifestyle and how to stop doubting yourself. 

Found at Bookstores everywhere.

5. Black and Gold Dreams and Wishes Prayer Box



A Great way to get the New Year Started off right is by centering yourself and writing down everything you want to accomplish – and once you do it check it off your list! This Prayer Box exclusively found at Francesca’s is great for the resolutions list, with its cute sparkly exterior and small size, its just right for keeping it tucked away in a safe place. Not only that, but when you open the small box, it has a sweet poem written on the lid, and includes a small pencil and pad of paper to write down all of those resolutions! With this by your side, you will have those resolutions done in no time. Bring it on 2016!



The Fitness Guru

The Girl who loves running and staying healthy more than anything needs some Christmas Loving too. Brands like LuluLemon always have a great selection of not only athletic gear but accessories as well, perfect for rounding out the Guru’s wardrobe and lifestyle. These Gifts will surely be something to make her flip (or run) for!

  1. The BlenderBottle SportMixer



Great for on the run smoothies, protein shakes, meal replacements or even just plain water, this bottle is the ideal health product to always have on hand. With its light weight, odor and stain resistant design, leak proof guard, loop for the backpack and grip to prevent from dropping it, the bottle is always great to have on hand. It also comes in a variety of colors, as well as with a little blender ball to keep your smoothies from getting chunky.

2. LuluLemon h20m Waterbottle



This Bottle is much more laid back, and great for everyday use and fitness classes like yoga and cycling. It has this really great chic design to it, and is made from great non slip silicon casing around a glass bottle – great for keeping things cold. It is also dishwasher safe, and BFA free! It comes in a variety of different colors to satisfy everyone’s style and is perfect for keeping in a tote or purse. Definetly made an appearance on my own Christmas List this year!

3. LuluLemon Skinny Fly Away Tamer Headband



This headband is not only super cute but also extremely durable. with its sweat resistant fabric and no slip grip, this headband will give you one less thing to worry about while working out – looking good!


The Skinny Fly Away Tamer Headband is sold at and at your local Lulu and is sold in 8 colors: Black, White, Regal Plum, Cranberry (Shown Above), Grapefruit, Flash Light, Mountain Peaks/Black Foliage Teal, and Space Dye/Regal Twist Plum.

4. FitBit Charge Hr



For me, This is by far one of the most fun, useful and beneficial accessories I own. The Fitbit charge not only has the great look of a sleek watch, but does everything a leading FitBit does plus monitoring heart rate! Plus with the Fitbit app that syncs to the device, you will always be in the know about your health stats. Perfect for your girl on the Go!

The Fitbit Charge HR comes in Teal, slate (shown above), black, tangerine and plum.


With my guide in hand, You will surely be ready to make your holiday one of the best ones!


May the stock be ever in your favor, 


Today’s Words of Wisdom


I think this quote is especially important for this holiday season. When you constantly live your life in a chaotic storm of work, school, social responsibilities and other obligations, you tend to forget to step back and be grateful for all of the things that are closest to you, the things that humble you and of course the things that make you who you are. We need this time to decompress after a busy semester or work week and remind ourselves not to be so consumed with things that are trivial and aren’t going to matter down the road, but concern ourselves with things that will always be important to us – family, faith and home – wherever that might be.